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Client from Harrison Maine with a 26' x 50' timber frame barn:
"Project was on time and budget, a great value, and better than expected quality."

"We always felt that Andy put our interests first..from design to the completed product. The day of the raising was exciting, the ease with which Andy orchestrated the frame's assembly was a testimony to his skill and experience. The frame gave evidence of his dedication to his craft. Not only was the quality of the frame and shell better than we could have hoped, but also it was on time and budget. The only surprises were the extras he threw in. The big companies and other local timber framers cannot compare to the value you get with Andy. Building a home from 350 miles away can be stressful, particularly when you are used to doing it yourself. We were comfortable with Andy, he put us at ease. We would look forward to his weekly e-mail progress reports with pictures..."

Client from Brownfield Maine with a timber frame bowed roof cape:
"We found a true master in the field of timber framing..."

"For over 25 years my husband and I have dreamed of having a place to come relax, unwind, and create memories with our friends and family. We wanted a house that matched the beauty of the area and was a compliment to the forest around us. We feel blessed to have found a true master in the field of timber framing in our builder Andy Buck. He has not only shown true artistry in his fabrication of our unusual hull roof design, but unsurpassed skill in meeting all of our building desires. Andy has not only constructed our dream house right before our eyes but welcomed us into his community. Andy is so respected and loved by all the area residents and contractors, we knew we were in excellent hands! Andy Buck has not only been our builder, but has become our friend. It has been one of our life’s great pleasures to have built this beautiful house with Andy, and we look forward to creating many memories within its timbers."

Client from Harrison Maine with an elegant island timber frame "shed":
"On time and on budget and more of a work of art than a building."

So, ten + years ago, we started talking about and designing a small barn to be built at our island home on Zakelo Island in Harrison Maine.  The idea originally was to create a sort of high end shed but as we know it grew larger and turned into something different and wonderful.  Construction was a bit of a challenge since everything had to be brought to the island by boat.  The bents came together quickly on the ground and on the day of the raising, were pushed up and assembled with amazing precision and speed.  So professionally done that something as thin as a credit card could not fit in any of the intricate, multipart joints. At the end of that day, our daughter Lindsay remarked “ Oh Daddy, it looks like a giant jewelry box”   It certainly did.

The design was based on the Golden Rectangle, or the classic dimensions of the Parthenon. The 12/12 roof pitch adds to the look and completeness of a structure that is most pleasing to the eye.  The footprint of the structure is 26’ X 16’ and is divided in to two rooms and a loft.  Construction was perfect, on time and on budget.  Indeed more of a work of art than a building.  We have enjoyed this wonderful structure for almost ten years.  I keep a picture of it taken in the winter on my desk, next to my children.  Andy has the ability to not only create wonderful functional structures, but really works of art.  We will be forever grateful to you for sharing your talents and capabilities.

Client in Brownfield Maine with a timber frame arts center:
"These finely crafted structures will be around for hundreds of years."

"When we needed a traditional timber frame built, with an untraditional design, we called our friend Andy Buck. Andy was faced with the challenge to come up with a truss system that could support the heavy timber frame, without any center posts. The strength is from the floor to ceiling braces and the intricate design of the ceiling joinery. For the past decade this space was used for a workshop. Then one October day, the original timber frame was lifted over our 200-year old barn to a new location behind our farmhouse where it has become the Stone Mountain Arts Center, hosting national acts up close and personal in this very unique and beautiful setting."  

Client from Waterford Maine with a timber frame bed and breakfast:
"Dedication, integrity, perfectionism and craftmanship shines through."

"As we have been watching you put together our dream barn home over the past 2 months, we are totally awe struck by all your skills as a timberframer. As each part of the large structure has been assembled, we have noticed your perfectionism and craftsmanship. We have had a lot of builders helping us with many building projects over the past 6 years, but you are at the very top of our list for both quality of work and professionalism. Your dedication and integrity to your craft shines through to the finished product. "  

Client from Lovell Maine with a Maine family home:
Distance was no problem for this family.

" Being the second generation of homeowners Andy has built a timber frame home for, we feel more than qualified to comment on his integrity, craftsmanship and work ethic. Us residing over 1,000 miles away from the job site proved to be no problem as Andy seamlessly integrated our expectations with the demands of the architect and the needs of the general contractor. The result of this collaboration is a masterfully crafted home that is the pride of this family.

When the time arrives for the third generation to build her home, Andy's talents will certainly be called upon once again.

Client with a timber frame on Moose Pond:
"We can and have recommended Andy and his crew without reservation."

" To comment favorably on the job done by Andy Buck and his crew in the construction of our home on the shores of Moose Pond is easy. Working with an architect which he found for us, he designed, built and erected a gem. It is like, in my mind, a jewel box - a constant pleasure to behold.

Designing, cutting, fitting and preconstructing the entire frame before delivering to the site well ahead of the scheduled assembly insured a flawless operation allowing the entire frame to go up in just over one day. The seamless performance of his team was something to watch - much like the virtuoso performance of a fine theater group or circus act. Once complete, the wall panels could be easily married to the frame resulting in a home well suited to the extremes of the local climate. My wife and I did a "shake down cruise" of the house from Thanksgiving to New Years the following fall and found it tight, cozy and free of any creeks or groans. The house was put to a good test the following summer when we were hit by a "micro burst" (small tornado-like storm) that brought down ten trees on or right next to our property - one a 100 foot tall white pine which came to rest against our roof. The house was undisturbed and we were in it at the time.

The artistry of the design adds beauty, not simply functionality, that has impressed many visitors to say nothing of ourselves and our family. The ceiling of the half turret fronting on the lake in the "Great Room" is like the spokes of an umbrella and the rafters in that same room all the way up to 26 feet are both graceful and powerful. The suspended upper hall providing access to the four upstairs bedrooms is accented underneath with finials adding again to the "jewel box" like feeling of the interior.

We can and have recommended Andy and his crew without reservation to those seeking an outstanding job on a timber frame home.

Client with a Timber Frame Home in North Bridgton, Maine:
"Working with Andy is a pleasure in every way."

"Andy Buck has built timber frames for a number of our residential projects. In each case we and our clients have been absolutely thrilled with the experience. Several years ago we designed a "double posted" timber design for our own house. During the process we became discouraged about proceeding with our design because of fears that it might be too expensive or difficult to build. Rather than giving in to our doubt, Andy encouraged us saying, "This is an interesting frame and I think we should build it." Implicit in his statement was his belief that he could make the frame even if it was not something he nor we had ever seen before. He was absolutely right and today we live in a timber frame that is astonishingly beautiful in every way! In every project the sense you get with Andy is that he is part of the team -- and it's true. Working with Andy is a pleasure in every way!

Client with a Timber Frame Pool House in Hiram, Maine:
"The work is artful, elegant and simple in its refinement."

"Andy and crew are fun and reliable to have working on projects. The work is artful, elegant, and simple in its refinement. It is of lasting value. The timber frames are amazingly fast going up once the wood is on site ready to go. The way Andy does business is gentlemanly, straightforward and makes us want him to come back and do more!
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